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About Us

Omni Adventures Indonesia is a fully licensed tour operation and consultancy company incorporated in Indonesia under Norwegian ownership. Known since its founding in 2004 by the name Jasa Nusa Lestari, or Archipelago Eco Services in English, in 2016 the company changed the name to give greater attention to the launching of its inbound adventure travel services.

The founder of the company is Oyvind Sandbukt, an anthropologist by training and a long-standing resident of Indonesia. His background in this country comprises research and consultancy with a main focus on conservation and development, including ecotourism, involving local communities in several parts of Indonesia.

Although a number of Indonesian staff and associates have made significant contributions, Omni Adventures’ unique tour program is mainly borne of Oyvind’s very wide and varied field experience over the years in the course of work as well as leisure trips throughout Indonesia – as a diver and beach lover, forest and mountain hiker, and observer of Indonesia’s rich cultural traditions. He has lived with sea nomads and nomads of the rainforest and also spent time with many other tribal peoples from Sumatra to Papua. The tours are a way of sharing some of these experiences with people who may have special interests or, like Oyvind, have a liking for diversity like true omnivores.

Because the tour program involves tribal and other local communities as well as businesses who are to varying degrees on the sidelines of the national economy, it has received a special start-up grant from the NORAD, Norway’s Overseas Development Agency, Division of Business Development and the Environment. This has made it possible to physically check and operationalize the entire network of trips along with the amenities and services involving local organizations and resource persons along the way. About half of the currently developed package tours have now been implemented; the rest will follow over the next couple of years in line with operational capacity.

Since we have only recently launched our tour program, we may not yet be the smoothest of travel professionals. But we possess devotion and passion and want those who travel with us to have genuine and rewarding experiences. Many of our trips are true pioneering adventures way off the beaten track on routes created by us. And on routes in shared territory we have either different content or additional points of interest compared with other operators.

But our tours can also be starting points to new trips wanted by travelers. Because they are based on our first-hand local knowledge, we can readily customize by shortening, lengthening or recombining parts of the various trips. For these reasons we would rather regard those who want to travel with us as not just customers, but partners in making the tour program as responsive and relevant as possible to people’s needs and desires. Indeed, if you have a dream trip in mind and it’s not on our program, let us know and we could help you realize it. Indonesia is after all a very big and extremely diverse country with boundless possibilities.