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Special tours for genuine beach lovers. Enjoy a tremendous variety of sands and surf between cliffs and boulders or on wide open oceanic shores, some with unique breakers for world-class surfing.

Beaches East Of Bali

  • Days 11
  • Min. 4 pax
  • Grade 1

Try this tour for its great variety of superb out-of-the-way beaches and little-known resorts on Lombok, Sumbawa and desert islands around Komodo. Add in a special day trip

Beaches Of Java & Bali

  • Days 14
  • Min. 4 pax
  • Grade 1

A tour that gives you the very best of an incredible diversity of wild, grand and even mystical beaches on the remote south coast of Java and the very accessible splendid beaches of Bali. Get to know the oceanic cult …

Beaches Of Sumatera

  • To be added.