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Discover the wonder of Indonesia’s rainforests, the world’s second largest and the most diverse, to learn what rainforest conservation is about or just experience the excitement of amazing jungle adventures.

Rainforests Of Borneo

  • Days 11
  • Min. 4 pax
  • Grade 2

Experience the rainforests of Borneo in a great adventure comprising close encounters with one of our nearest and dearest relatives, the orangutan. Trek deep into …

Rainforests Of Sumatra

  • Days 13
  • Min. 4 pax
  • Grade 2

Explore the lowland rainforests of Sumatra in the company of tamed elephants and tribal forest dwellers in national parks that have been established as key sanctuaries to ensure survival of species and traditional livelihoods…

Rainforests Of Java And Bali

  • To be added.

Java, the world’s most populated island with 140.000.000 inhabitants, is largely deforested, but in many remote locations its amazing rainforests are protected. Starting with Krakatoa’s unique virgin forest…