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Terms & Conditions

Omni Adventures Indonesia PT, or Omni Adventures Indonesia Inc., is a fully licensed tour operator and travel bureau company incorporated in Indonesia. “Omni Adventures” is the shorter commercial name for the tour operation and shall be understood to mean Omni Adventures Indonesia PT.  The company is domiciled at Jl. Pahlawan no. 9, Rempoa, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan, Greater Jakarta, 15412 Indonesia.


A contract based on these Terms and Conditions is deemed to exist between you and us when you have made a reservation and paid the specified deposit or full payment as applicable with respect to relevant deadlines (see below) as well as having been given confirmation in writing by us of payment received.  If you are making a reservation on behalf of a group traveling together on a tour product you will be understood to have been given full authority to do so by all co-travelers concerned and have given them all necessary information, including the contents of these Terms and Conditions, for their consent.  Moreover, the information provided to us about all co-travelers will be acted upon on the understanding that it is complete and accurate.

Payments and cancellations by travelers

Payments for our tour products may be made in United States Dollar (USD) or EURO (EUR).  At the time of making a tour reservation, a deposit amounting to 30% per person of the tour price is due to be paid. Payment of the outstanding balance falls due 3 months (90 days) before departure. If the reservation is made less than 3 months (90 days) before departure, full payment of the tour price falls due directly without any prior payment of deposit. You will receive invoices by email detailing the amounts and dates due. Payments can be made by direct Bank Transfer or by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) according to instructions accessed by the “Make a Payment” button on the relevant tour page of our website. Deposits are non-refundable, but if cancellation is made at least 3 months (90 days) before departure you can use the deposit as credit for a subsequent reservation of any tour of at least equal value if made within a period of 12 months after the cancelled departure. If payment of the outstanding balance due after deposit is not received 84 days before departure, Omni Adventures may treat the reservation as having been cancelled by you. Full payments made less than 84 days prior to departure are similarly non-refundable but, except for deductions made for irretrievable outlays, shall also be held as credit for the purchase of another tour product of at least equal value within a period of 12 months after planned departure.To be valid, a cancellation must be made in writing. If for any tour product the payment and cancellation terms differ from those outlined above, the relevant terms will be communicated to you prior to reservation and subsequently detailed in the invoice. Bank or credit card charges levied by financial institutions in connection with payment of tour products cannot be refunded by us.

Cancellation by us

Once confirmed in accordance with these terms, a tour reservation will not be cancelled by us except for reasons of Force Majeure, which is understood as unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside our control. If for such reasons a tour is cancelled by us before the mutually agreed date of departure, you may choose to accept a full refund of payments made for the cancelled tour less irretrievable expenses. Alternatively, at our discretion, you may choose to accept instead another tour product and a refund if the price of the new tour is less than the retrieved expenses from the canceled one or a discount on the difference if the price is more than expenses retrieved. If, due to Force Majeure, a tour is partly cancelled and it is not possible for us to provide a suitable alternative or any suitable alternative is rejected by you, we will provide a refund of unused tour product portions less unrecoverable expenses. We will not be responsible for any incidental expenses or losses incurred you as a result of the cancelled reservation, including payments for vaccinations, non-refundable transport outlays, loss of earnings, etc. We will not offer discounts or refunds for services or parts of a tour product unused by you due to no fault of ours, including termination of your participation in the tour product due to your own fault or breach of these terms.

Inclusions and exclusions

Our tours only cover travel within Indonesia. Any international flights are excluded. Because we cannot predict your preferred international arrival or departure points in Indonesia, or indeed whether you may be resident in or already visiting some city in Indonesia when you join us, our tour itineraries are generally limited to travel between their local start and end points in the regions that they cover. You are free to make your own travel arrangements to and from these points or we can make your arrangements for you, including any transit accommodation that may be needed. If we do this, these arrangements will be made part of the tour and invoiced accordingly. If you make your own arrangements, you assume full responsibility for being on time for the tour departure. If you miss the departure and thus the whole or, if you are able to catch up, part of the tour, there will be no refund, in full or in part. For information about what is included and not cluded in the price of each tour, please see Prices and Services on each tour page in this website


It is in the nature of adventure travel that it may entail a significant element of uncertainty, especially on long and quite complex tours to less developed areas. Although all of our tour products have been developed and fully field-checked by our staff, itineraries, schedules, amenities and mode of transport may on occasion need to be modified because of changes in local conditions or due to flight cancellations, extreme weather, sickness and other unforeseeable circumstances. You will therefore need to be aware that unforeseen price increases may occur with respect to such changed circumstances and additionally be caused by Government actions that raise taxes and fees, as well as by currency and exchange fluctuations. On receiving an inquiry about tour product availability on a desired departure date, we will re-check information potentially impacting on costs and will advice the client whether the current price is as published or has been updated.  The current price is then part of the reservation contract.

Major changes of itinerary

If a major change is made to a tour product itinerary, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible and, if there is enough time, before departure. A major change is here understood as a change affecting at least one out of three tour days or one that alters the character of the tour as a whole. If a major change is made before full payment, you may choose to accept the change, choose an alternative available tour, or accept a refund of the deposit. If a major change is made after full payment but before the tour’s departure date, you may choose to accept the change, choose an alternative tour, or accept a full refund minus unrecoverable costs. We will not be responsible for any incidental costs outside tour payments. If a major change has to be made after the tour’s departure date as a result of local circumstances or events outside our control, any additional costs will be covered by you and for this eventuality you need to have an adequate emergency fund available. You must also have insurance cover for such instances.

Travel Insurance

Before you can go on any of our tours, you are required to take out travel insurance against personal accident, medical expenses, death and emergency evacuation and repatriation. In addition, we also strongly recommend coverage of cancellation, curtailment, and personal liability.

Age and health requirements

The minimum age for most of our tours is 12. Minors under the age of 18 must be in the company of parents or other adults who have legal responsibility for them. A minimum age of 18 applies to especially challenging tours (Grade 4).  There is no maximum age, but travelers must notify us in writing prior to the due date of final payment of a tour of any medical condition, pregnancy, disability or other mental or physical condition that may influence their ability to travel. Moreover, for the most challenging tours prospective travelers must truthfully declare appropriate fitness levels so as to keep up with their groups and avoid posing undue risks to themselves and their companions.

Acceptance and amelioration of risk

In undertaking challenging adventure travels such as the more demanding of our tours, you acknowledge that you understand and willingly accept that there is a degree of personal risk involved. Difficult terrain with poor roads or wilderness trails in deep forests and mountainous areas mean it may take considerable effort and time to reach adequate facilities in case of accident or illness. In addition to the possibility of having accidents, becoming infected by tropical disease such as malaria is always a possibility. Our tour leaders and local guides will help reduce risks as possible and it is incumbent on you to follow their instructions as well as actively take precautions to prevent accidents and illness. As we are not professionally qualified on medical matters, you must before traveling consult with your own health authorities as to which special precautions you should take and what medications you should carry with you and use for prevention and temporary treatment of illnesses.

Limitation of liability

To operate our tours we need to contract the services of individuals and companies to provide required transportation, accommodation, local guiding, etc. We are not responsible for the acts and omissions of these third parties. As allowed by law, you release us from any liability arising out of or in connection with your participation in any one of our tours, including any indirect or consequential losses such as loss of earnings.

Tour leader authority

Each tour has a tour leader whose decisions are final in matters affecting the safety of the participants in a trip. If you fail to comply with a decision made by the tour leader or interfere with the wellbeing or safety of the group, the tour leader has the authority to direct you to leave the tour immediately or at the first practicable moment with no right of refund.


If you have any complaint about your trip, you should inform the tour leader without delay so that he or she can act to rectify the matter while this still may be possible. If this still proves unsatisfactory, a further complaint should be sent to us in writing within 30 days of the end of the tour.


In the event that any term or condition contained here is unenforceable or void by operation of law or as being against public policy or for any other reason, then such terms or conditions shall be deemed to be severed from these Terms or amended accordingly only to such extent necessary to allow all remaining terms and conditions to survive and continue as binding.


You consent to us using images taken of you during the trip for documentation and promotional purposes in any medium we choose and grant us perpetual, royalty-free and irrevocable license world wide of these images for such purposes.

Privacy policy

We need to collect personal information from you to effect tour reservations and deliver our tour products. We take care to safeguard all such information and protect your privacy. To implement our tours we need to share some of your personal information with service providers such as airlines, hotels, and national park administrators. All such third parties are bound by confidentiality obligations. But submitting any personal information to us, you indicate your acceptance of the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Applicable law

In line with the domicile or Omni Adventures Indonesia Inc. and the geographical locations of all our tours being within Indonesian territory, the laws governing the operation of our tours and implementation of these Terms and Conditions are the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.